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Uncover a world of opportunities as an
LJ Hooker business owner

At LJ Hooker, you will build a business you are proud of and join a nationwide network to support you
and your success

Seamless onboarding to get you up and running fast

We designed a tailored onboarding program to bring you up to speed as smoothly as possible, so you integrate seamlessly.

From the moment you start with us, our dedicated team will be right by your side. You will get one-on-one guidance and support from our Growth Coaches, so you can set your career goals and plan your growth strategy.

Our ambition is to allow you to reach your full potential, alongside some of the most successful real estate teams in the industry.

Complete support, every step of the way

When you start your career with us, our team works with you to devise targeted business strategies that drive results.

You will receive personalised mentoring from our operations support team, technical experts to help you gain a deeper understanding of our cutting edge platforms, and practical guidance on running successful communications, marketing, business management, and recruitment campaigns.

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Personalised training to grow your business

A career with LJ Hooker means you will never stop learning. You will be able to boost your business skills and enhance your leadership potential with our regular training programs and events.

Our management and leadership training programs, as well as our business forums, are all designed with the growth of your business in mind, from building a high-performing team to staying across the latest developments in the industry.

You will also have the opportunity to work directly with some of Australia’s industry-leading business coaches and access our advanced digital training platform, that will enable you to learn at your own pace.

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A national marketing platform designed to drive leads and revenue

LJ Hooker is Australia’s most known and trusted real estate brand, which is the result of decades of clever marketing campaigns. You will be able to leverage the strength of our brand to generate more quality leads and promote your business to the right audience

Access to our national marketing machine

As a business owner, you will be a part of our successful nationwide marketing campaign. And it is about more than simply exposure. By joining the LJ Hooker brand, you will tap into a system that enables you to maximise your appraisals, boost your auctions, generate more leads, and increase your sales effortlessly.

Increase your reach with social media

Put your social media advertising strategy on autopilot and stay ahead of your competition with the custom-built advertising platform we developed in partnership with Facebook. Using targeted local data, you will be able to promote your business to more people and reach the right audience at the right time.

Attract the best talent

Do not wait around for the perfect hire — we will find them for you. Our national recruitment program is always on the lookout for experienced admin staff and dynamite sales agents who can join your team to help you attract the best talent and grow your business with the right people.

Connect with your local community

We are in the people business. That is why our targeted local area marketing and networking tools are designed to connect deeply with your community so that you can boost your profile and connections. We will help you maximise opportunities for engagement and take advantage of marketing strategies aimed specifically at your core market.

What does the future of you and your team look like with LJ Hooker?

LJ Hooker Double Bay gives a glimpse of their new office and how technology, culture and strength of the brand are driving their next growth phase.

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See what our team have to say about us

“What attracted me to LJ Hooker Connect was the opportunity to partner with Australia’s most iconic real estate Brand. The technology is cutting edge and the support is only a phone call or email away. The high end marketing is tailored to my market and the sales support team takes care of the administration side of things. The ongoing training and coaching is world class. Working remotely with LJ Hooker Connect is the perfect work life balance for my young family and a special opportunity for
agents looking to build a business from the ground up!”

David Rees
Sales Agent, LJ Hooker Connect

“I joined LJ Hooker three years ago after a decade in property management with an independent. With LJ Hooker, I have been able to further my career to become Department Manager. I attribute this to the exceptional in-house training and collaboration at state and national conferences; basically being part of a bigger team that is willing to share ideas and celebrate achievements. Technology has transformed industry activities, and LJ Hooker’s own tools have greatly increased my own efficiency.”

Debbie Copley
Senior Property Manager, LJ Hooker Kensington | Unley

“LJ Hooker’s regular campaigns allow me to engage with the marketplace in fresh and meaningful ways. The campaigns enable me to put systems in place for regular connections. Experienced trainers – who themselves have worked in my role – have assisted me in developing a successful career over the last 15 years, as has the tremendous opportunities offered through networking sessions where I’ve been inspired and motivated by others in the LJ Hooker Family.”

Nadine Edwards
Sales Director, LJ Hooker Cairns Edge Hill

“The continual training and support you receive from LJ Hooker is the best way to fast-track your development. The positive feedback from landlords, tenants and workmates is testament to this. The collaboration between offices is a major part of LJ Hooker – it is like one large work family ensuring you stay on top of all trends and legislation. Everyone has your back to help you be the best you can be!”

Shaun Harvey
Property Investment Manager, LJ Hooker Paynesville

“I regularly work with many extremely busy vendors who only want to communicate electronically. That is absolutely fine with LJ Hooker’s Vendor App. The Vendor App gives my clients real-time updates on our sales campaign, what’s happening, what’s next, etc. It also houses all the documents in one place. This technology is a game-changer and minimises a lot of the common anxiety involved in selling a home, no matter the environment. It allows me to service my clients seamlessly and, if needed, I could list a house tomorrow without even seeing the owners face-to-face.”

Neil Goswell
Sales Agent, LJ Hooker Connect

“I started my career in real estate with LJ Hooker seven years ago, initially drawn to its unmatched presence in Sydney’s south-west; LJ Hooker has been around forever and everyone knows what it stands for. What I discovered and took advantage of is LJ Hooker’s multi-faceted training programs which are tailored to whatever point in your career you’re at. It has enabled me to build a strong repeat and referral business. Client facing incentives are also a great entrée to winning more business.”

Steven Cirillo
Sales, LJ Hooker Padstow

“I previously worked at independent and other network agencies before opening an LJ Hooker franchise in 1998. When I initially opened our office, we had three staff; now we have 35. It was clear that the training, systems and processes LJ Hooker offered were better than anywhere else around at the time, and continue to be so today. I have worked in every real estate role – from administration to property management, commercial leasing to residential sales – and I can say that LJ Hooker offers the most comprehensive support systems to optimise productivity. There is a culture of sharing within LJ Hooker so that best practice processes, referrals and general collaboration which sets the brand apart, truly living up to the ‘Nobody Does It Better’ commitment.”

Paula Lagrenade
Admiral, LJ Hooker Victoria Park

“Over the 25 years I have been with LJ Hooker, our office has undergone a significant increase in market share and is now the number one real estate business in Lithgow. As a business owner I am able to work in sales, growing our customer base and doing what I love best; selling real estate. I am supported by a brand that utilises the best marketing, digital marketing and technology available, while my team have access to first class online and offline training and events. Running a business is not easy, but with LJ Hooker I feel supported by a whole network.”

Jamie Giokaris
Franchise Owner, LJ Hooker Lithgow

“I went from a leading sales role with a competitor to establishing a franchise with LJ Hooker 14 years ago. In 2017, I opened a new purpose-built real estate centre which can cater to 50 staff and has overhauled the customer experience on the Gold Coast. With the brand’s support, I have been able to achieve my ambition of becoming the leading sales and property management office in the 4211 postcode and a leading office for sales volume on the Gold Coast. LJ Hooker’s marketing initiatives, especially in the digital space, enable us to keep pace with customer expectations in the modern age, and prepares us for the next innovations before they emerge.”

Shane Colquhoun
Principal, LJ Hooker Nerang
  • 90+ years
  • 480 offices
  • 6,000 people
  • 6 countries
  • 1 brand
Digital Innovation

We focus on innovation, so you can focus on growth

We will never stop looking for new ways to improve how we do things, and digital innovation is at the heart of our business growth strategy. As a business partner, you will get access to our suite of digital marketing tools and templates to help accelerate business growth, streamline processes, and maximise your exposure.

Maximise your
digital reach

Reach the right audience, amplify your exposure, and maximise your reach with our integrated social media marketing platform. Drive meaningful analysis of your social marketing data, that you can translate into direct results at scale.

A winning online presence

Supercharge your sales with our award-winning website formula. Our fully customisable and mobile-friendly templates will help you create a high-performing online home for your business, and speak to your customers with a clear message.

All your business tools available on Workplace

Access business tools, share ideas with your peers and connect with head office on Workplace. Easy to adopt, it will become your main source of information and knowledge. You will find everything you need to maximise productivity and grow your business, from sales and marketing strategies to company updates or promotional tools. You will also get direct access to our extensive support team.

Always at the forefront of digital

Stay at the forefront of digital strategies and initiatives with regular training, webinars, live streaming content, one-on-one mentoring and tailored technical support. We will help you put the latest innovations and technologies into practice to build a business for growth.

Be part of a unique family and culture

Join a supportive, tight-knit family that always works together to help each other succeed

Get the recognition you deserve

Be appreciated, celebrated and rewarded for your success with our regional and national recognition programs, and an exclusive Captain’s Club that awards and incentivises top-performing individuals and teams across the country.

Connect with your community

As part of our initiative to give back to the communities that support us, you will have regular opportunities to lend a helping hand to charity services in your local communities or to similar causes close to your heart.

Make a difference to Australians in need

Be part of something bigger and make a real difference to Australians in need, by taking part in the LJ Hooker Foundation charitable giving program. To date this has raised over $8 million for charities all around Australia.

Share your ideas with fellow business owners all over the country

Connect, share ideas, celebrate successes, and learn from colleagues all around Australia. With Workplace, our integrated Facebook platform, you will be able to meet and communicate with like-minded entrepreneurs, and tap into a support network that truly has your back.

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